365 days and counting

I had mentioned before one of my goals was to pick up my camera more often and to blog. Funny thing, I pick up my camera, But not blogging. ( I told you I was not good at this.. lol)

So tonight, with a few cold days ahead of me I figured I would wrap a nice warm blanket around me, sip on some coffee and write up what has been going on lately. Of course I have photos of the last 9 days that I want to post, and Yes, I am challenging myself to take a picture everyday for the next year. EEK! But before I go there and leave you with the start of the photo journey, I want to let you in on a physical journey too.

I am turning 40 this year and while I should be chilling out waiting for life to calm down, what do I do? Add more to my plate.  Yeah,  I’m kinda known for that.

So, in my ever long list of things to do , one is to finish a 1/2 marathon, another Triathlon and a 10k. In the training of all this craziness  I want to be the fittest I’ve been. I have always been an athlete. I have always worked out.  But after taking a year off to vedge… I am gonna have to work my little happy ass off to make this a reality. See the last year I took a break. A break from all fitness, to let my body recover from the many years of abuse I have put it through. hahahaha Who was I kidding???

In the coming weeks you will see a new vision of me. The vision I see now. In due time thou you will see the transformation of what I will become. I am pretty hyped about all this. I hope you will be too.


Here are my photos from the past week. Have a good one…

365| Day 2


365| Day 3


365| Day 4


365| Day 5- Her Faith will guide her…


365| Day 6 – Be your own kind of beautiful.


365| Day 7- The starting point to becoming who you are.


365| Day 7 ( 2 pics this day )- She will learn her own way.


365| Day 8- “I find peace with in myself this way mom.” <3





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