Meet Gina

Meet Gina


So you want to get to know me?

Well it won’t take you long to figure out that I am a huger and a talker. Although thimg_5735rough the years I have learned to sit back and listen a little bit more. Someone told be I would learn more that way, and Yes… My father was correct.

I am a mother to 2 beautiful girls that keep me constantly thinking of better ways to make myself a better version of what I want them to see. A Wife to a man that supports me in all I do and has stayed with me even when I am a bit hormonal. ūüėČ A daughter to some amazing parents that have taught me more that I will ever be able to retain. An athlete, Businesswoman, coffee drinker and a child of God. I could go on, but I think you get the point.

Photography!?! Where should I start?

Well I¬†wish I could¬†say, I grew up always knowing it was something I wanted, But I didn’t.

I purchased my 1st camera right before I moved to Colorado back in the 90’s . It was a small point and shoot. Sony Cyber shot, I think.

Whew…. so long ago…. It was then ¬†when this love for visual arts caught my attention. Since then I ¬†have just been learning away. Learning from anyone willing to teach me something new.

Then in 2010 it hit me… I loved¬†it. I loved¬†photography! ¬†I wanted more. I craved it. That was when I took the step into the business side of this venture.

It has been a learning experience just like any other business. ¬†6 years of a learning how the two connections of photos and people ¬†go hand in hand. A balancing act of what we want to perceive as ” Our” art and others perception of our art.

Still everyday I am tested in this area of Capturing  Feelings and Connections  through my eyes that will speak to others with a single frame.

For that I continue to pick my camera up and keep trying to do what I love.

Thanks for dropping in and reading a little about me.




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