Casa Blanca on Brushy Creek

Casa Blanca on Brushy Creek. What a beautiful venue.

Hidden away in  the center of Round Rock , right off  Brushy Creek Road,this venue has so much to offer.

I had the pleasure of meeting Daniel and Carlos not too long ago and was simply amazed at all this place had to offer and the friendly charm that warmed my heart.

The Openness and greenery of this location was breathtaking.(I can only imagine what it looks like decorated!)

The green grass, running creek and open glass buildings are only some of the Unique  features it has. Twinkling lights everywhere and multiple buildings for all your needs.

I think at this point my descriptions are nothing compared to the real thing. Here are some snap shots I took of the of the venue a couple of weeks back.

Just in case you want to know the contact info:




Plus they have OPEN HOUSE EVERY WED 4-8 PM, No Appointments Needed.

Need to Host an event? A Must see!








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