Daniella 15th Quince


Miss Quince…..it’s a Hispanic tradition.  Just like the Sweet Sixteen, it’s when a pre-teen symbolically crosses over into pre-adulthood.  There are gifts, there is family, there are ceremonial  events, and most of all…there is FUN!  Here she is….the girl they all came out to support and celebrate……Daniella.  She’s a beautiful girl, who is sweet and loving and had so much fun with all of her guests.

Along with family, of course, she had many of her friends there.  They worked very hard on their dance routine (you could tell by how well they all danced in sync and the length of the dance) – so impressive.  It was a great “show”, followed by the ceremonial “Daddy/Daughter” dance.  So sweet.

 We headed over to the church that was behind the event hall for some fun pictures with the girls (ladies first)…..


 and then the boys….


















This was a night filled with love, and fun, and lots of memories for Daniella, her friends, and especially her family.  I want to thank Daniella and her Mom and Dad for letting us be a part of her celebration!  We had such a great time.  🙂


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