DJ Special K

Kara (Special K), has already done some modeling work for us here at Sweet G Photography, and now she’s trying a new venture in her already busy life.  This one has many talents that span from coaching to modeling, and now DJing!  She’s just now booking jobs for the DJ thing, and I was happy to be invited to her first gig.  Here are some great shots of that moment she will surely look back on when she’s famous in the Live music capital of the World, our own Austin, Tx.



She had a great crowd who danced along to the tunes she was spinning (or spinnin’ if you’re more hip than I am).  She mixed in some vintage tunes like Ice Ice Baby (thank you Vanilla Ice for that gem) with newer beats to make everyone in the crowd happy.  The age gap was from 12 to 45, so making everyone happy must have been a daunting task to say the least.



In the end, everyone had smiles on their faces and were pumped up for the end of their day.  Sounds like “the artist formerly known as Kara” passed her first test with flying colors and won’t have any problems picking up more shows in the future.  If you would like to book Special K for an event, please contact us at –


Thanks Special K for the great time and the introduction to your skills!!






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