I have often wondered if I would ever get the opportunity to shoot a generations family photo. I have this idea in my head that it would be one of the coolest sessions. I am not sure why, but I find it interesting to see  how long some live and how their genes are passed on from generation to generation.  So when I thought of this birthday idea for my mom,  I actually was giddy inside! Although my thought was to be the photographer, the thought of turning the camera around and having my family create this was even more exciting.

What do you give a woman that has a deep soul for her family. You give her a generation’s photo and the experience of a lifetime.

So, I called up some amazing woman to pull this off and over a day I had this booked.


Our mornings started off pretty early with Lindey Hixon the owner of Birdy’s Place.

She is such a doll! She is such an Amazing woman and made all of us look beautiful for the day. If you need your hair worked on for any event, She is the lady!!!

a quick snapshot from me.


Once we were done with Hair we moved onto makeup.

I had never worked with Andrea… But she was highly qualified and I knew I would hit it off with her as soon as I met her. Which I was right.

Andrea Juarez is the artist behind Andrea Juarez Hair and Makeup .  Of course I was right.. We hit it off and in 2 hours  we had all been in the hot seat. Another amazing artist that I would highly recommend for any of your needs.


img_0103Once we were done with hair and makeup and playing dress up we drove to the little town of Hutto, Texas and arrived at one of my favorite locations that opened up in the town about a year ago! I LOVE this place and the owners are absolutely wonderful. The building is @126 years old and is beautiful, timeless and a photographers dream!

One Eleven East- 

Now, before I get ahead of myself… This was my Mom’s birthday gift. An Experience that she would remember. Something I could not do without all the help I got from the amazing artist that made it possible.

From this point on you will see some amazing work from Summer Cates with Summer Cates Photography.  I can’t Thank Summer enough for doing this for me. She knows how hard it is to deal with siblings and also knows my kiddos. ( they are not the easiest to work with. lol) But managed to pull off this session just the way I knew she would.

I hope and Pray that My Sweet Mamma loved this day. I hope she will cherish the experience, laughs and fun tears we shared.  I Love you Mamma!!!

Now, Photos from Summer!!!

img_5750dsc_5605img_5591                                                             img_5642






1 thought on “Generations”

  • Never had I thought this would be something that would be part of my life’s opportunities to be able to do. Thanks to my wonderful and creative daughter that presented this to me as a birthday gift.
    I was excited to know I was going to be pampered all day long. I loved the idea and once the day came, I was ready for the full experience.
    As everyone can see I enjoyed, loved, and forever will cherish this day.
    I even loved the grey hair pictures!
    Thank you Mija and my baby girls that are the sunshines of my life!

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