Graduation from University of the Incarnate Word- Velia

20140502_192840webI am so proud of this young lady.  I first met her 12 years ago when she was still in junior high. Oh how time flies….

Always so sweet , nice and very quite. Her attitude always so cheerful and with a drive hidden not too many could not see.

In high school I had the pleasure of taking her photos, and since I was just starting my professional career I captured all of that quite personality.IMG_7358

See, I was not that good at interacting and posing. But she kept the smile on and kindness near and we got threw it together. We even had some play sessions in the small town she grew up in.

Now all I see is this beautiful, driven young lady. Helping others and working her tail off to be successful!


IMG_7335I am so Proud of you Velia! Congratulations on your Graduation form the University of Incarnate Word!!! I wish you all the best.






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