Cindy’s baby shower~ It’s a Girl.

In the past couple of weeks I have really gotten a bit of a flashback from high school!

2 weekends ago I went to my 20 year highs school reunion!

{Yes… That does tell my age. Shhhh.}

and had a great time visiting areas of the city and talking about,

Well.. 20 years ago. Hahha!!

We had fun reminiscing.

Those pictures will come later. I am sure you will get a laugh. 🙂

Talking about time flying and reminiscing… This weekend I got to help host my Best Friend Cindy’s baby shower!

I’ve talked about our relationship of 34 years. Yes, My Bestie !!!

{Shhhh… I’m really telling my age now. hee/hee.}  ,

I love having this beautiful woman as my best friend. She is such a blessing ~

 I am so happy for you Cindy.

Can’t wait to meet the Beautiful bundle of Baby Girl~~



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