Letter to my Mom- Happy Mothers Day!

Today it is about you mom.

In this short 40 years of life I sit and wonder how I managed to be so lucky as get stuck with you as a mother.

God above knew that you were the only one that could manage to be as amazing as I needed you to be.

In this life, You have taught me not to be afraid of failure…but to always try regardless of the outcome! You have taught me to be like you… strong, independent, self sufficient and loving. You have always pushed me to be better than the day before and to see things though faith. Which I will always live by.

In this life you have taught me to be strongest woman I could possibly be, no matter the obstacle and you knew I would or could come out on top. With all your words and actions backing you to prove to me that you are the strongest person I know.

When I was younger you taught me to find my own voice and when I did you backed me, even if my voice was unclear, scared or wrong. You stayed by my side every inch of the way, never judging me. Never letting me down. Never giving up on me, even when you were unsure if the voice you taught me was correct. That is a lesson that I can only follow through with when my turn comes around, and when it does I know I had the best teacher.

Now, As I raise my own children ,I hear you say that I have a patience with them and an understanding that you don’t understand. That Mom, comes from you. Comes from you being patience and understanding with me when I was younger. When I was unsure of myself you listened and helped me. Unselfish of your needs  you always gave to me.  You cared beyond anything I could ever hoped for and still do.

Today I want to honor you mom.

Your love for me has no words. It is a True feeling, that only I will ever know. I can only pray that you too know that my love for you is beyond anything I can ever write or say.

I am glad God gave me you as my mother, best friend and lifetime teacher.

I love you mom. Happy Mothers Day!



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