Liberty Hill, Texas meet the Keene Family !

This wonderful familyI met back in March. Let me tell you! I can’t say how laid back this family is… LOL!  With TWINS.  T-W-I-N-S and 2 other  children that act as if they are  not there. In comparison to my family…. WE are opposite. So, when I meet a family on the opposite realm I can snap their life all day.  Funny, This is is the part of my job- I love. The “realness” of the family dynamics.

I can say I have seen many tantrums and crying fits… But the twins cry so low pitch.. just sweet as ever. The 2 oldest,  soft spoken with manners that any parent would be proud of. Mom! Your a hoot~ Love you and your free spirit and sweetness. The first time I met this bunch I was getting to snap the twins. That was a fun day! The oldest were not there and I was so excited to meet this bunch.

Love her Pink extensions!

Brother, Well this is how sweet he is!


This time around we pranced all over their land and found some memorable places to capture who they are as a family. I introduce The Keene Family.







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