Macro Monday is here again…..

A little explanation about “Macro Monday”…….basically what we are doing here is using our macro lens and taking close up shots of anything we find around us.  We’ll be pulling out old material and reworking it, as well as creating new images for you guys to see things from a different perspective.  Shhhhhh…we may even end up doing a contest with this process once a month!

When you look at this image, what does it make you think about?  How do you think you can re-create something by looking at it from a new viewpoint?  When we start to see things in a new way, they almost……change…..don’t they?  I like to think about life this way too.  Sometimes, a situation that may seem like an “end-of- the-world” situation (when you’re looking from the same viewpoint all the time), can soon start to become something different and maybe even a blessing or a way to help someone else when we look at it from a new angle.  🙂

I hope this awakens everyone’s view on their digital images, as well as their life images!  Enjoy your day!

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