Macro Monday to Flowers!

At the beginning of last week my feeling of cleaning out old folders was already coming on strong with no motivation behind it. Knowing I had to get in there and look for hours I never thought I would be so amazed at some things I found.

First, the obvious . Quality. CAmeras and lens can make a diffrence. Second, the amount of work  I have done and the amount of work never touched!!!


Plus so much more! Even had some scanned film images I found that will have to share at a later date!

These three pictures stood out the most. I took the first one about 6 years ago in the back yard!

No Macro… a canon Rebel xti and stock lens, post edit in LR but over all… Pretty good. I think! Compared to the bottom photos that were taken with a 7d!


These I took in Kraues Springs this past summer. ( )

Love that place. It is filled with so much to do from a day trip to a week getaway!

But the morning had some great light for some fresh beauty!




More to come this week! More Babies and a Spin to some music for a DJ we have been showcasing! Have a great day 🙂



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