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You might as well sit down and pull up a chair. I have Much to say. Yes. Sit down.

Drink your coffee  with me and give me 2 minutes of your day.

1-9-13 – 2nd entry and 1st one for the year.


Hello All! I am Regina and I Welcome you to my page and my life!

I am really excited to talk about the New year and what changes we are making. BUT gotta start with some important stuff that I have failed to talk about. SO,

I figured since we are Day 10. I  would share 10 things I have NOT blogged about since last post.  You can read on Or go to the heading of which topic you want to read.

Here is the List of 10!

1. Dec 2, 2013: Buffalo Gap 25th anniversary:

This one was a MUST! My fathers 25th year in business!

It was held in Abilene where his Main office is. His partner, Doug of 25 years was also in attendance. His family is like a second family. Wonderful people.I was blessed that I was there to witness since such a special event.  Here are some of my faves.



2. Help Portrait :Dec 8, 2012

As many of you all knew this year Help Portrait was a great success! Thank you to all that helped and can’t wait till next year.



If you want to know more about help portrait. Please go go to:


3. Christmas: 12.24/25-12


Our blessed day together as a family! I Love Christmas time.

It reminds me of being a kid. The  gloomy weather too. The slightest breeze of cold air  and I am happy. In Texas I”m happy with what I am given as far as “Winter”.

This year my family and I had multiple struggles .Thank you to all that helped our family 🙂 It is Much- Much Appreciated.


4. Eagles Nest and sunset: 12.26.12 Driving threw a paradise of colors





5.  Moon –  12.28.12 Last Full moon of 2012




6. Happy New Year! 12.31.12- 1.1.13





7. 1st Session and update 1.4.13

Of course I was not expecting a Miss Quince as my first session of the year, but what a great way to open the New Year with a Bit of a surprise!

Here is a beautiful young lady fixing to show her faith her commitment as a woman.  More images to come 🙂




8. Booking New 2013 Sessions 1.8.13

– Of course this year we are in full swing.

New Gear,

New concepts,

New direction!

Get in touch with me today and see what is New for the year.

9. New Born Model Call 1.9.13

I am looking for Newborns ( 1-10 days old ) . Feb 5th, 2013 @ 1:00 pm –

Please contact us at:

OK… It’s gonna turn into Lunch if I continue the Rest of what I want to say, so I will stop.

I will be updating more later today of all the New stuff we are releasing.

Thank you so Much for sticking threw my update…

It makes me feel good that I did get to say what I needed to get going in 2013.



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