Twins – Double the cuteness!

Twins have this way of attracting attention.  People stop you and ask if they’re twins, ask you how old they are, ask you personal details about their birth…some even ask if they can take a picture of the double duo.  Now, I’ve never had twins, but I’ve seen these things happen.  I had the pleasure of photographing these twins a couple of weeks ago, and I didn’t even have to ask the personal details of how they came into this world (as I’m sure it was dramatic – I would assume most multiple births are).

One girl.  One boy.  Born almost exactly an hour apart.  The little princess is a petite little thing.  Brother, although he’s younger, is bigger (to ward off the boys that come into sister’s life).  They were perfect little models.

 Of course there were plenty of outtakes on this shoot, but here are some of the, VERY hard to narrow down, individual and brother/sister pics.



Raylie and Rycen were ready to go, and we really only had to stop shooting for a little food break.  The princess and the “buckaroo”.

Another great shot here.  This one has some sentimental value added to it.

  The rocking chair they are sitting on was actually grandma, and moms, rocking chair when they were children.  Always great to incorporate a family heirloom into a photo.

A big thank you to mom (who has 4 children under the age of 7 by the way) who invited us into her space and gave us the gift of getting to know these two a little better!

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  • What gorgeous twins!!! You did such a good job…interesting shots and great staging! I can tell you enjoy your work, and that makes you good at it.

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