Whitehurse Family- Austin Texas

SO are you Ready to see where we ventured to? Ah, the city of Austin. It has so much to offer.

When Blue bonnet season came this year,  I met this great family. We played in a field in south Austin  listening to Frozen songs jumping and tossing the kids around. It was fun and a nice ice breaker to what was to come  weeks later. 






{Two Weeks Later….}

On our list were some pretty great hot spots. Graffiti Park at Castle Hill on Baylor Street, between 11th & 12th is where we met. The day was pretty busy there but did not stop us from jumping up on some of the platforms and capturing some great shots.


Next stop was the State Capital. I have to say, DAD almost gave me a heart attack! ( inside joke) But everyone was fine and the photos came out great.  Here is one where we all ended up in the photo! LOL the kids loved the freedom of running while Mom and dad were getting in a work out. 😉


This part of the day we were winding down and skipped over to Auditorium Shores. The Park was full of Austinites and their pets.

We had new additions to the family in some of the photos, but it made it that much more interesting and fun.


This was a fun session and great day. Can’t wait to see this beautiful smile again.


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